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My Rage-Fueled Grown-Up Christmas List

Last night, while waiting for the bus, I got angry. It happened while I was reading updates on the impeachment trial and accompanying Tweets from Methodists annoyed with the proceedings. They have every right to be frustrated. Ten months ago, queer Methodists (myself included) and their allies were denied inclusion in the Methodist denomination. It… Continue reading My Rage-Fueled Grown-Up Christmas List

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The Lover Book Tag: Round Five

Why would I work on my demon essay when there are more Taylor Swift tags to do? IT'S ROUND FIVE OF THE LOVER BOOK TAG, NOW WITH GRAPHICS. Katie at Pages and Pugs made this tag along with the graphics - it's her first book tag and I think she did a great job! (Also, Pages… Continue reading The Lover Book Tag: Round Five

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An introduction

Welcome! You made it! I started this blog as a "portfolio" for "serious writing" (per some professional advice that would have better suited someone else.) Over the years, Narrative Paradise morphed into a book blog...of sorts. I don't write book reviews (very often) or participate in reading challenges. I DO post book tags and gush… Continue reading An introduction

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thank u, next Book Tag

Jenna. Does. The. Best. Tags. I hadn't seen the thank u, next tag before Jenna did it. I love a good music/book/pop culture mash-up. Approve. A quick warning: these prompts turned into mini-essays that trended serious. But hey: the song is about break-ups and exes who've died. Some solemnity isn't unprecedented. Ahem. Thank you, next.… Continue reading thank u, next Book Tag

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2019 Democratic Debate Book Tag

Due to my personal political frustrations, I sometimes fantasize about setting the current political system on fire. Luckily, I won't have to; the Democratic party is doing that for me. With more than 20 candidates in a party that can't agree on its priorities, I don't have much hope for the 2020 election. How do… Continue reading 2019 Democratic Debate Book Tag

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Focus on the Family Revelation

According to an official spokesperson for Focus on the Family, Adventures in Odyssey's John Avery Whitaker doesn't support our Tweeter-in-Chief.* (*Credit goes to Andrew Shaffer for that excellent description.) I would love to believe this is a step toward allyship, because...what? WHAT? They came right out and said it? For now, I'm tamping down the… Continue reading Focus on the Family Revelation


Witchy Book Recs

She may become a witch, a real witch. - John Piper WE'RE BACK, WITCHES. I've seen a lot of upcoming witchy reads on Twitter and various booklists since early 2017. Is this a reaction to Trump's election? Did this publishing explosion come from the Nasty Woman movement? Whatever the reason, I'm fascinated. I compiled a list… Continue reading Witchy Book Recs