Christmas Cookie Book Tag

I HAVEN'T ABANDONED YOU, HALLOWEEN. I JUST LOVE COOKIES, OKAY? Cookies are my favorite part of Christmas. Well...presents are. Then cookies. time. THEN cookies. Well... ANYWAY, THIS IS THE CHRISTMAS COOKIE BOOK TAG. THE CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE The cookie that’s comforting in any season Name an old favorite I LOOOVE dogs. My whole life,… Continue reading Christmas Cookie Book Tag

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A Sailor Moon Story

In December 2016, having JUST moved to Seattle, I decided to do all my Christmas shopping at Kinokuniya Book Store. Conveniently located AND full of fun knickknacks? Call me a Christmas GENIUS. In truth, this plan excused endless browsing of items I couldn't afford, such as stuffed sharks, long socks, and English-translated manga. One day,… Continue reading A Sailor Moon Story


Merry Christmas Book Tag

Well...merry official Christmas. This is the last of the Christmas tags. I found this It Starts at Midnight with custom graphics provided by the creator. God bless us every one. Did y'all know this was a book? I wouldn't have put "Christmas" and "Tolkien" in the same sentence. I'm a little salty about Tolkien's unofficial sainthood,… Continue reading Merry Christmas Book Tag


Jingle Bell Book Tag

My favorite writing soundtrack is my dog's snoring. (I still call her "my dog" even though she lives with my parents.) I have a couple free hours before we leave for Family Christmas (it's a big deal. My dad is making cream cheese crackers.) I have a few more days to complete as many Christmas… Continue reading Jingle Bell Book Tag


The Christmas Stocking Book Tag

I had to make use of the eggs and butter in my fridge, so tonight I'm baking for the first time all season. And, to honor the holy rite of seasonal baking, I'm doing the Christmas stocking tag. (I stole this idea from Mel's 12 Days of Blogmas. Read her post and check out her queer… Continue reading The Christmas Stocking Book Tag


Christmas Cuisine Book Tag

I found an older post on Beth's blog chock-full of foods I've never heard of. The idea of a Christmas feast scares me (carrot casserole!?), but I couldn't resist the tag. Happy Christmas, Harry. Yule Log: A beautiful edition of a book that you won’t touch for fear of ruining it. I've almost purchased the… Continue reading Christmas Cuisine Book Tag

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Alone at Christmas

I upped my meds this week. I'm amazed at how much better I feel. I made it to Saturday Morning yoga for the first time in two months. I wrapped all my Christmas presents. I joined friends for karaoke, even though it was past my bedtime. Additionally, a whole host of dark thoughts about singleness disappeared. I… Continue reading Alone at Christmas


The Joy of Christmas Book Tag

My doctor just upped my meds, so I may be able to feel joy again soon! It's already December 12th. I need to drum up some joy. Let's celebrate Christmas. (I got this tag from Dee's post; for additional joy and historical fiction recommendations, go check it out.)   Anticipation The Christmas excitement is real.… Continue reading The Joy of Christmas Book Tag

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Bookish Naughty or Nice Tag

DID I JUST GET TAGGED!? What an exciting event! Thanks, Jenna! (Congrats on making the Nice list.) I have residual religious anxiety that I'll overlook a past sin...and get dinged for lying. (My anxiety believes sin works this way.) I'm going to be as honest as possible...but I will cut myself a break when needed,… Continue reading Bookish Naughty or Nice Tag


All I Want for Christmas Book Tag

Christmas stuff showed up at Bartell's the day after Thanksgiving. I'm almost done shopping. I have a few relatives left. I'm struggling to manifest gifts I've been imagining for months. What this holiday needs is more focus on me. What do I want for Christmas? Besides every book on the Best YA Books of 2018 list? THIS… Continue reading All I Want for Christmas Book Tag