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Who Am I? Book Tag

My very favorite thing happened: I went on a book tag search and I found a GREAT one on Starry Sky Books.

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Musical Shuffle Book Tag: Round 1

I found this tag on Avery’s blog and loved it so much, I did it twice.

Basically, you put your music on shuffle (I used my Favorite Songs playlist on Spotify) and attribute each song to a book, character, ship, or something else book-related. Continue reading “Musical Shuffle Book Tag: Round 1”

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All I Want for Christmas Book Tag

Christmas stuff showed up at Bartell’s the day after Thanksgiving.

I’m almost done shopping. I have a few relatives left. I’m struggling to manifest gifts I’ve been imagining for months.

What this holiday needs is more focus on me.

What do want for Christmas?

Besides every book on the Best YA Books of 2018 list?

THIS IS MY GROWN-UP CHRISTMAS LIST. Continue reading “All I Want for Christmas Book Tag”

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The Literary Dinner Party Tag

Someone explain to me white culture’s obsession with dinner parties.

Books on adulting treat them as both a rite of passage and the only viable method of adult socializing.

“You CAN throw a dinner party,” the books chide, “it’s not that HARD.”

The message I get: people who have their lives in order throw dinner parties.

Nope. I’m not spending hundreds of dollars on food and booze when I don’t even own a table.

Instead, I’ll throw dinner parties in my dreams.

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