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Halloween Creatures 2.0 Book Tag

To Anthony @ Keep Reading Forward: I’m stoked you made another Halloween Creatures post!

Once again, I pair Halloween creatures with books. Continue reading “Halloween Creatures 2.0 Book Tag”

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You’re Not Good Enough Book Tag

I had a hard time coming up with characters for this book tag.

I need to read more YA. With “adult” novels, I don’t tend to care about (or remember) the characters.

“The THEMES are the really important thing-”

No. False. Write better characters. Continue reading “You’re Not Good Enough Book Tag”

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10 Day Book Blog Post Challenge #2: Discuss a character

I’ll be real: I did not think this post through.

It’s exciting! I’m improvising! And I’m surrounded by books! Surely a character will come to me!



Oh no.

A character just came to mind and, um…


Let’s just get into it. Continue reading “10 Day Book Blog Post Challenge #2: Discuss a character”

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Fantasy Feminist Team

I’m finally doing it.

I’m forming a girl squad.

I’ve put it off for years because my friends keep choosing true love over the sisterhood. They tell me marriage is a whole lot of fun.



What would this squad do? I don’t know. Win? Fight for love and justice? Discuss film theory? Have pizza nights because I miss those most?

“Girl squad” sounds juvenile for something this important.

How about…Fantasy Feminist Team?

Perfect. Continue reading “Fantasy Feminist Team”

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TERRIBLE PROSE TUESDAY: Harry Potter phenomena I don’t understand

If you hadn’t guessed, I loveĀ Harry Potter. It’s a story I return to often and enjoy even more with every read.

I’m not too crazy about the fanbase.

I wouldn’t say it’s an entirely negative reaction, but more of a puzzled one. The fanbase has decided on things that I don’t agree with and/or comprehend and I wanted to take today to go through some of those things. Continue reading “TERRIBLE PROSE TUESDAY: Harry Potter phenomena I don’t understand”